… the marketing of the stations and the highly efficient station auction orchestrated under your leadership, allowed maximum dispersion and was always conducted with an eye toward maximizing the value of our asset.

I've known Dick Foreman since 1968 when we were both in Baltimore broadcasting. He brought us the concept of a swap with our Detroit station, when we were actually contemplating selling. Our early stages of evaluating swapping versus selling occured while I was out of the country, but Foreman's determination on this creative concept was not swayed, despite communication obstacles. Foreman's knowledge of the business along with his ingenuity and perseverance paid off for us in terms of an expedited, effective transaction.

When Dick Foreman contacted us, we were impressed with how quickly he went into action and with the high level of confidentiality he maintained throughout our entire transaction. Foreman didn't waste our time with tire kickers. In fact the first prospect he brought us, was the buyer who purchased our station. Our contract negotiations and closing were complicated and quite lengthy, Foreman's experience, negotiating skills and determination, however, paid off in the end. The results speak for themselves. The $6.5M Foreman secured for our station was a record price for a class A FM at the time of our closing.

Throughout the years I've owned a number of radio stations in the Northeast and have dealt with many media brokers. When Dick Foreman approached me on listing my Portsmouth station, he convinced me that he could deliver a top price for my radio station. Our transaction was unique in that there were a number of major obstacles which we encountered. However, despite the many problems, Foreman's perseverance and determination were unshaken. The $5.2M I recieved for my Class A FM was a record price when we closed. Dick Foreman is a media broker who makes things happen!

At Helicon Cable we've dealth with a number of media brokers. When we decided to enter the radio business, Dick Foreman was one of the many brokers we talked to. What impressed me about Foreman was his ability to keep things in perspective in difficult situations. In fact our deal actually blew up, but Foreman skillfully brought both parties back together negotiating a win-win situation and securing our first radio stations.

Foreman's years of experience in our business allowed him to quickly understand our buying criteria and not waste our time with properties which didn't fit. The single situation he presented to us were the properties we bought. Dick Foreman is a highly effective media broker.

In the last three months we've purchased four radio stations through RAF Associates. Dick Foreman's broadcasting experience, his superior negotiating skills and high level of energy were key to making our deals. And Foreman works fast. When we were purchasing Norfolk, Foreman called me and the very next day we were negotiating with the owner. From the first meeting to the signing of our Norfolk contract, we put the entire deal together in just ten days. Put it this way... when Foreman calls I take the call.